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GuestCall 2000
 Looking for a more powerful solution for your site's guest book? Then choose GuestCall, a functionally complete, but simple to install open source solution. Learn more about all of our OpenScript™ solutions by clicking here.

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GuestCall 2000
Compact, Powerful, GuestCall.

    GuestCall 2000 SR1 (2.1.0) includes the power you've requested on top of the extremely compact, easy-to-use GuestCall design you've known for over three years. You find GuestCall 2000 packed with the following features:
  • GuestCall 2000 is much more suited for large web sites than before. With new "multi-page" support, a site with virtually unlimited number of posts can configure GuestCall to divide postings on to multiple smaller pages - similar to how search engines divide results.
  • Now you can prevent unwanted HTML code in postings through automatic HTML filtering. This protects you from visitors placing images, redirects, SSI's, and JavaScript in their postings.
  • Prevent visitors from messing up you guest book with long lines of characters or words without spaces by using GuestCall's word "splitting" feature.
  • Keep tabs on the type of browsers your visitors use, and the times they post with the handy posting logs.
  • Keep your guest book free of inappropriate language with easy to setup keyword filtering. Simply tell GuestCall what to remove from messages, and you can quit worrying.
  • GuestCall 2000 is even more compact by combining log and message files into one more efficient data file.
  • Easily delete files though a password protected web-based message purging interface - now built into GuestCall.
  • Integrate your guest book with the rest of your site with the new ability to use your site's interface in GuestCall.
    Try GuestCall today, and learn how it can make your job as webmaster easier than ever before. We'll even help you with complementary technical support if you run into any problems!
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About GuestCall:
First Release: May 5, 1997
Current Release: April 21, 2001
Version: 2000 SR1 (2.1.0)
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